[ESSAY] What Makes a Book Blog Readable? | DISCUSSION


Hello~ welcome back to another blog post!

            Today I would like share with y’all an essay which I originally written for our course ‘English for Academic and Professional Purposes.’ We were tasked to create an academic essay that will feature a hobby that we’re good at, I chose to write something about book blogging because I love my blog and writing blog posts. I thought about publishing it here since these are the three things that I consider for a blog to be efficient~



            Blogging is a way of demonstrating one’s thoughts and opinions on a certain topic with the use of a platform visible on the internet. This essay tackles the art principles exhibited for the blog to be efficient. It intends to persuade and indulge readers to use blogs as means of expressing support, opinions and ideologies.

            Book blogging is one type of blog which showcases book related themes and contents. It primarily focuses on books and anything co-related to printed and non-printed written media. Book blogging is used by readers to express their thoughts, emotions, and feelings toward a book they have read. Book blogs not only show a book, but also makes an argumentative and logical point for the given book. It also serves as a platform for promoting books, as to it can reach great heights, to book readers around the world. It’s convenient, fast, and easy, and also opens opportunities to interact with other readers for engagement and interaction.

            This essay explains the three art elements of a book blog: constructive text, logic, and art.

            Foremost, book blogs do not intend to make criticisms, rather it must embody a sense of constructive text. Constructive text is a mixture of a positive and negative response and intends to point out mistakes and faults while still considering the improvement of the author. Its purpose is to help the author to learn from his/her mistakes, and to provide suggestions and advice. Published book reviews and blog posts must be written constructively to avoid misunderstandings, offending the author and the person’s related to it.

            In addition to that, book blogs must also be logical at all times. Logical, meaning to provide with the right reasoning about certain topics. The thoughts and ideas must be rational and should still have its sense of reality. Even though book blogs are not considered and highly suggested for academic references, it must still provide the right facts and avoid spreading fake news. In that way, it may come out as credible and still worthy of the reader’s time and effort.

            Lastly, the artistic value of a book blog must still be prioritized. A creative and eye-catching web design results to the book blog being noticed and viewed, hence, resulting to a boost in traffic. The aesthetic serves as the face of the blog and it reflects the overall prominent theme. Elements such as the color, hue, font, header, widgets, and the layout provide an interactive and fun experience to the readers. Still, factors such as simplicity and clarity should be considered.

            In summary, creating a book blog, or a blog in general, requires effort as it needs to be done constructively, logically, and artistically. Time and great-thinking must be allotted in considering and planning out these elements, as well as patience and determination. Even though book blogging takes a lot of time, with great passion and perseverance, it could come out well. It’s worth taking the shots and the results are truly rewarding.


Thanks for dropping by! For you, what are the things needed for a blog to be efficient?

Let’s continue the discussion on the comments!

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