Reasons Why I ‘DNF’ Books | DISCUSSION


Hello! Welcome back for another blog post!

It’s been so long since I’ve published a discussion post on this blog, I guess today’s the day lol.

Today I will be talking about various reasons why I ‘DNF’ books. If you’re a book reader who is very much active in booktube or the twitterverse, you’ve probably already heard about this term.

DNF is basically an abbreviation which stands for ‘Did not finish’, it’s a term bookish people use to categorize books that they stopped reading midway or in any part of the book. You just…stop. Finally arriving to that decision and says “Okay, I’m done with this book. Thank you, next!”

But what could be the reasons? Today we will be talking about each one of them!

    P.S. This list could vary from each person since every one of us has their own reasons of not finishing the book. Feel free to add if haven’t seen yours included in here!



This is probably the most common reason why bookworms DNF books. Frankly speaking, the book is just bad, what’s happening on the book is not what you’re expecting. The scenes turned out to be pale and lacks life, lacks thrill. It’s too boring to finish and you’ve decided that excreting more effort into reading this book is just a waste of time. If you feel like you’re not enjoying what you’re reading anymore it’s okay to stop and move on to the next one. Reading should be fun and exciting!


Okay so this one is somewhat like the 1st one, but in a more considerate and positive way. Instead of saying that the book is bad, let’s just say the book is not your cup of tea. The book is basically not just for you. Whether it’s a genre you’re not that fond of or a trope you’re not used to on reading that much. Giving opinions on books are very much subjective, your favorite book may be hated by someone, or you’re most disliked book may be someone’s favorite. You’ll eventually find a book that perfectly suits your taste.


Characters are very much a crucial part of the book. They are the subjects which leads and decides how the story flows on. Having annoying characters, especially for protagonists can give you a hard time reading. It doesn’t technically have to be annoying; it can be a character whose beliefs you don’t agree with, or a character who commits very bad decisions and mistakes which just makes you cringe so hard.


The writing style is how the writer crafts and layout the book. It involves the wordplay, grammar, and other technical stuff. Writing style could either make your reading enjoyable, or a headache. Some writers may use deep words or phrases which makes it hard for the reader to digest, especially if you’re a person whose vocabulary is limited. Classics, for example, can be hard to read sometimes, especially if there’s a very complex word which makes you look it up on the dictionary every now and then. Try to find a book which is easy to read.


Lack of time is definitely one of the reasons, especially when there’s too much going on in my personal life when it comes to school, I tend have my attention divided. Divided until there’s no more time left for reading a book. Lack of time leads to me not reading a book for weeks, or even MONTHS, and that situation leads to me forgetting what basically happened on the book; most of the time I’m too lazy to reread a book that’s why I tend to just DNF it.


Have you experienced stopping midway on a book and realizing you’re not yet ready to devour this amazingly crafted content? Like you know it’s not a bad book, it probably is a pretty great book, but there’s just something within you which hinders you on reconnecting with it. Like you’re ready to laugh and be wrecked by the book at the same time but your body, mind and soul tells no?  I guess it’s not yet the right time. I usually DNF books because of this reason.

My dumb ass self wouldn’t have understood Harry Potter if I read it on my junior days, I believe me reading Harry Potter 2 years ago is just the right moment. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ll get through with that book on the right time!


To be honest I think I’m already immune with purely disturbing content in books since I’m used to reading a lot of gory and uncomfortable stuff from horror and thriller books. But of course, not all people are used to reading that kind of content that’s why it’s another reason to DNF. I may stop or pause on reading a book for it’s triggering content, but I have yet to purely DNF a book just because it’s disturbing.


This is just me gushing and being overly excited on a new release. Especially when there’s a book I’m anticipating drops, I tend to stop reading the previous book just to immediately start with this one LMAO. Well, I highly suggest y’all to finish what you’re reading first as you may forget the details and finally DNF the book.

There’s actually a whole LOT more reasons to tackle, and this post would just end up endless if we continue. For me, DNF-ing a book isn’t bad at all, there are good books, and there are bad books. It’s a reader’s right to stop reading a book especially when they’re not enjoying it anymore. Books are for everyone, but not everyone will end up liking the book just like the majority.

Or maybe take a more positive approach, maybe it’s just not the right time to fully immense yourself on that book, try to grab those books again, maybe the odds will be different this time~


Thanks for dropping by! What makes you DNF a book?

Let’s continue the discussion on the comments!

See you on the next blog post~

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