[#UNBIASED] Books VS Movie Adaptations

Hello and welcome back for another blog post!

            Today’s blog post is going to be special since I’ll be introducing a new series which I would like to feature here on my blog. #UNBIASED is a series in which we compare two things, bookish or non-bookish, to create a more comprehensive comparison between the two.

            This comparison includes strengths/weaknesses as well as the advantages/disadvantages of using one over the other while still having an unbiased and balanced perspective.

            For the first #UNBIASED blog post, we’re going to compare two highly controversial concepts in the bookish community. Which one is better: Books or Movie Adaptations?

Let’s say there’s a new movie going to be released just around the corner, the plot interests you and you would do almost ANYTHING just to watch that movie when it comes out, and then you found out it’s based on this highly popular novel. What will you choose? Do you watch the movie first or you dive straight ahead on the book?

Here I’ll be listing the pros and cons of choosing books or movie adaptations~




  • Complete Story

           Let’s face it, one main advantage of choosing book over movies is because of the fact that it offers the whole collective body of work. Books are rich with too much details, vibrant descriptions and character growth. The plot is cohesive and contributes to the overall theme of the book. It’s complete compared to movies which is just a shorter version of it.

  • One’s imagination is the foundation

      Books are (mostly) made of texts, the presence of pictures could range from minimal to nothing at all. But that doesn’t limit the power of books, with the use of adjectives and effective descriptions, one can picture everything by the use of their thoughts. There’s no limit and you can associate everything by the use of your creative imagination!


  • Could greatly enhance one’s vocabulary

Recommend someone to read books if that person wants to enhance their vocabulary, not just books but reading in general does help since it introduces us to a lot of unfamiliar words which we could learn from time to time.


  • Doesn’t need electricity or batteries                     

             Another major pro is that book doesn’t necessarily rely to a gadget’s life (unless your reading in eBooks, or audiobooks) but we’re talking about physical books here. You can read physical book for countless of hours, without you minding the thought about getting your batter drained!

  • The Books Stays with You                                                                      

   Real books you can PET. You can caress it, you can take care of it as your own little baby, you can even take it anywhere you like! Unlike with movies where it can only be used if you have laptops, phones, or DVD players. Real books stay with you, not just mentally but also physically.



  • Time-Consuming

No average person wants to spend 5-10 hours of reading a 600-page book when they can digest the very same story in just merely 2-3 hours of time. That’s the thing about books, you really need to allot some time when you want to fully immerse yourself on the ultimate reading experience. It’s very much time-consuming, especially if you’re not really fond of reading books.

  • Uninteresting to those who doesn’t like reading                    

“Reading is boring” says some people, we already get it. Even though reading is for everyone, some people are really just not used to spending their time reading a bunch of texts and words piled up by the author. It all boils down to the time it takes to read a single book, as well as the interest factor because books are just words without pictures.




  • Visually Appealing                                                                         

One can appreciate this factor more if the movie falls under the genre of high fantasy. With all the special effects and realistic green screen shenanigans, watching movies is undoubtedly more appealing to the eyes of people, especially in children.


  • Sound Scoring plays a vital part 

I’m such a music junkie, especially when reading books, and the background music does play an important role to the overall feeling and ambiance of the story. It enhances the tone and the emphasis to a whole different level. Having a really good soundtrack can greatly increase the overall feeling of the movie.

  • Short, could be watched countless times in a day

Movie lengths only range from 1.5-3 hours, and that’s what fun about movie adaptations, is that you can watch it countless times in a day. Unlike with books where it could take you 6 hours or even days or months (depending on the reading speed) just to finish one book, what more if you want to reread it again?

  • Makes everything come into reality           

It’s the ultimate purpose of movies, to adapt a book into concrete reality to be watched by thousands of people. Movies give a more quantifiable measurement of the characters, like how tall is Hagrid in real life? How enchanting is Hogwarts? or how vile is Voldemort? What once was just imagined, is now turned into reality and could be seen by the mere eye.



  • Altered Plot

Scriptwriters or even producers may take control and change certain plots of the movie due to certain factors such as the difficulty, unavailability or just inappropriate. The book’s plot is forced to be changed and altered to fill in with the gaps. Sometimes the change is innovative and actually effective, but most of the time it just brews up disappointment from the avid book readers.

  • Lacks a lot of scenes 

Due to the limited time, it’s obviously hard to fit in one massive book into 2 hours’ worth of movie footage, that’s why most movies lack a lot of scenes, especially those which are just supporting and not that important. Think of all those scenes you could’ve experienced if you just chose the book over the movie~

  • Possibility of Bad Casting/ Acting                                                

The most disappointing of them all, when the character you are most loved and cared for in the world is not well portrayed in the movie screens, whether be it not your expected physical qualities, or just merely bad acting in general. This is possible and evident to most movie adaptations


Overall, I can conclude that books and movies do possess their respective strengths and weaknesses, you can choose either one of them depending on your personal preferences.

They shouldn’t be contested with each other because just like what Stephen King said, books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruits. But taste completely different.

There’s nothing wrong if you overly prefer books to movies or movies over books. This is such a very subjective topic to be discussed about.


Thanks for dropping by! How about you, which one do you prefer? Books or Movies? Are there any instances where the movie is better in the book or vice-versa?

Let’s continue the discussion on the comments!

See you on the next blog post~

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10 thoughts on “[#UNBIASED] Books VS Movie Adaptations

  1. You sure did choose an ‘en garde!’ topic for the first instalment of unbiased!
    Anyway, I think it’s really about how well the movie is made, to be honest. When I say how well I mean:
    1. Does it capture all the essential bits pertaining to the plot and experience of the story?
    2. Do the actors do justice to the characters by wearing their skin or play them in the manner they are comfortable with?
    3. Music plays a huge role, for me. It can evince the emotions that the author tried to in the book
    4. Is there 100% plot consistency or the screenplay writer or director add bits of their own?

    There are quite a few movies that don’t tick all these boxes, but a few do so. For me, the first three instalments of the Harry Potter series are treasured entities, as much as the books. The Harry Potter theme is synchronous with the universe now. Then there’s The Great Gatsby. Good casting played a huge role here, and Leo being Leo, he swept everyone off their feet. I also quite liked The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This is one example where I liked the movie more than the book (I really liked the book as well, but the movie scored more points for me).
    These are just a few examples of good adaptations. I don’t want to get started on the bad ones, because it would take a while!

    But I agree with you that it’s a very subjective preference, much like preferring tea over coffee.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I highly agree with everything you said! I also love the examples you have given, certain do need to be met first for a movie to be considered ‘well done’ 😃


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