My Social Anxiety Kit | Coping Mechanisms for SAD

HELLO! ~welcome back to another blog post!

Today I would like to share with you all the stuff I tend to always have with me to cope with my Social Anxiety. Social Anxiety could really get into me so hard at some points to the point that I needed a couple of things to ease this uncomfortable feeling whenever I experience it.

As a person living with SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder), I tend to think more about the judgments and criticisms of other people towards my actions, I feel that my actions are always judged. I also feel like I’m being stared at by everyone, with them waiting for me make a mistake. This made interacting with other people hard and almost impossible at sometimes.

If you want to find out more about my take on Social Anxiety, I have written a post which tackles deeper about what it feels like living with social anxiety. Check it out here: LIVING WITH SOCIAL ANXIETY: JOURNAL ENTRY #1

Of course, every person struggling with Social Anxiety has their own ways to cope with it. Here is just a short list of the things I do.



This is the most common thing I use which drives me nuts sometimes. Ever since I started to feel comfortable wearing my cozy and smooth jacket, there wasn’t a day in my life in which I haven’t used it outside. Of course, it’s not literally all the time, the ratio of me either wearing or carrying a jacket outside would probably be 4 out 5. See? It’s seriously a common thing for me now, and my classmates and friends would really be surprised if ever I went out without a jacket in hand. It doesn’t matter even if it’s hot, I’d still wear one.

The reason why I wear jackets is because I feel less judged, especially in my insecurities regarding my body. I do think I have a pretty descent body type, but wearing a jacket just makes me feel protected and shielded against all the harsh eyes. The absence of it just makes me feel like I’m naked or really bare through the eyes of the people.

This days, I’m trying my best to go out without a jacket because (1) I want to feel secured even without it and (2) it’s REALLY hot in the Philippines, especially in this summer season wherein you’ll seriously feel like you’re in freaking hell.


Nowadays, earphones aren’t just used for listening to music, it’s also useful especially in awkward situations and in instances wherein you don’t want to talk to anyone nearby at all. It serves as a void whenever you want to escape this miserable world, just plug in those earphones, turn on the music, and get drown inside it.

Normally I use earphones in uncomfortable situation wherein I don’t want to be disturbed or talked to. It’s an easy sign that I want to appreciate being alone now, without any possibilities of distraction. But most of the time though I just use it because I love listening to music lmao.

  • BOOK


I’ve always make sure to bring a book with me wherever I go. Books are great acquaintances and time passers. I never get uncomfortable waiting for somebody alone. Just grab a book and you’re good to go.


I don’t even have to explain how phones help me with social anxiety. It’s self-explanatory guys. It’s basically a LIFELINE, a survival tool in the wild.


Out of all the things I listed above, of course a real-life acquaintance is the most effective. Every time I went to crowded places, I always make sure that I have AT LEAST 1 acquaintance or friend with me. I’d literally won’t survive the event alone. I need to have at least one whom I know will never leave me at times my social anxiety struck the most.


Thanks for dropping by! How about you? What are your coping mechanisms for social anxiety or any mental health disorder?

Let’s continue the discussion on the comments!

See you on the next blog post~

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