WELCOME: New Beginnings!

“’Cause I’m just one of those ghosts, travelling endlessly. Don’t need no roads, in fact they follow me and we just go in circles”                                                                                                                                                              – Paramore, Misguided Ghosts


Welcome to my underlying world where you can find one of the weirdest and philosophical thoughts and ideas. Filled with elements created by introverts, extroverts yet to be seen~

After days of contemplating I finally decided to make my own blog. I had this urge in me to share my ideas and also to connect with my fellow bloggers.

The general theme circles around the life of an introvert, not stereotyping because introverts could be anything! Not all introverts could be boxed inside only one thought; everyone is diverse and uniquely made in their own ways.

I chose this theme because an introvert thinks creatively and has its own world filled with juicy thoughts and ideas, and also me myself is very much proud to be an introvert. Expect to see thoughts about books, music, literature, and anything under the sun.

I’m Jayvel. A Capricorn who loves reading books, and listening to a lot of music. Pretty much weird and acts awkwardly around other people, and has at least 10 mental breakdowns in a day. A huge fan of YA Fantasy and Contemporary reads,  and also Harry Potter.

Proud to be part of Ravenclaw!

Cakes and hot chocolate are served here. Make yourself feel at home 🙂



You can follow me on my social media accounts: Goodreads Mirakee Twitter Instagram

20 thoughts on “WELCOME: New Beginnings!

  1. Hi. I love the sound of your blog. I’m an introvert too with a lingering shyness which I have sort of overcome but still pokes its nose in sometimes. Looking forward to see what you post next.

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